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Bridging NFTs and DeFi To Real Estate Investing

The worlds first connection between NFTs, DeFi and Real Estate Investing


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Our Vision

An Evolutionary approach to Crypto and Real Estate Investing that utilizes NFTs, DeFi and a VaaS Protocol to bridge the oldest and newest wealth generating tools.

How ReiGroup Works

ReiGroup employs 2 mechanisms to achieve the objective of the protocol:

1. Treasury Protocol: serves as a "store of value". Focused on stable coins, stable pegged positions, and stable-pool yields.
2. VaaS Protocol: serves as a "growth tool". Deployed into carefully vetted Real Estate Investment opportunities.

ReiGroup Roadmap

Phase 1


Framework Conception

Team Sourcing and brainstroming event.


Beta Landing Page

Complete and Publish landing pages


Smart Contracts

Complete Gold Membership Smart Contract


Community Development

Establish Community on Twitter, Telegram and Discord


Gold Membership Event

Our version of a Whitelist Presale Event


ReiClub Dapp

Complete and launch of Dapp for upcoming Club members


Group 1 NFT

Launch Group 1 NFT Smart Contract


Portfolio Format

Establish ReiGroup investment porfolios and integrate with Dapp

ReiClub Membership NFT Price 

Gold Membership NFT
  • NFT Numbers 0 - 499
  • Gold Membership Referral System
  • ReiClub Governance Foundation 
  • ReiClub Gold Member Privilege  





Group 1 Membership NFT
  • NFT Numbers 500 - 2499
  • ReiClub Group 1 Privilege 
  • ReiClub Game Dapp Beta Testers
  • Reward Adjustment First Beneficiaries  





How To Get Started

1. Mint Your NFT
Enter the ReiClub.nft site to get your NFT while supplies are available.
2. Build Your City
Use our custom gamification Dapp to build your city and start generating revenue.
3. Earn Sweet Rewards
Relax and collect rewards produced by your created empire.








Referral Rewards




Frequently asked questions

  • What network will ReiGroup Launch On?

    ReiGroup | ReiClub will launch on the Polygon Network

  • When will ReiGroup | ReiuClub launch?

    The ReiClub Gold Membership registration currently in progress. Gold Membership NFTs will be available for purchase to members that have registered on July 1st, 2022.

  • How much do the NFTs cost?

    There are currently 4 tiers of the NFT's, each will cost $500 payable with USDT or USDC. Whitelist Gold Membership NFTs each will cost $300 payable with USDT or USDC.

  • How many NFTs are available?

    Due to our unique and one of a kind NFT structure, we will release 2000 NFTs per month. 500 NFTs for the Gold Membership. This may also be changed if demand out performs the available supply.

  • What makes ReiGroup | ReiClub different from other DeFi and DaaS protocols?

    Sustainable reward system non reliant on new investors or token ponzinomics. Liquid Investment via NFT ownership. The creation of a self sustainable ecosystem around the NFTs to maximize utility.

  • How will ReiGroup expand the project moving forward?

    The team at ReiGroup has put together many innovative ideas that will expand the ReiClub and maximize the value of your NFTs. The members of ReiClub will also play a major role by voting. The ideas presented by the team and club members will be implemented.

  • How may I contribute to the Clubs expansion and ecosystem?

    Gold Members may utilizing the referral system, the goal is to maximize community engagement in building out the ecosystem. 

    Refer to our Medium to learn how now!

Charles Jones

CEO - ReiGroup LLC | Engineer | Visionaire


Real Estate Investor from 2006 to present, Cryptocurrency Investor and Enthusiast from 2013 to present. Yacht Engineer by day, Father at night. 


Exceptional Critical thinking, Leadership and management skills. Developed a skill for problem solving due to having an engineers brain. Hobbyist web developer


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